Kilen Camping is the ideal base for those traveling with a motorhome in Telemark. With a beautiful location by Flåvatn and first-class facilities, we offer a camping experience that combines the best of Norwegian nature with modern conveniences.

Bring your motorhome to Kilen Camping in Telemark

Kilen Camping in Telemark offers perfect conditions for motorhome parking. Our campsite is tailored to meet the needs of motorhome travelers, with access to excellent facilities and a variety of activities enriching your stay. Here, you can explore what Telemark has to offer while enjoying breathtaking views in beautiful waterside surroundings. It’s perfect for relaxing days and exciting outdoor activities.

Waterside Campsite Ideal for Motorhomes

For those wanting to wake up to views directly overlooking Flåvatn, our waterside campsite is an excellent choice and particularly popular among motorhome users. Here, you'll have immediate access to the sandy beach, allowing you to soak up the sun and enjoy the water just steps away from your parked motorhome. Additionally, a service house is conveniently located only 100 meters away, complete with showers, toilets, a washing machine, and a communal kitchen—all accessible for your comfort with easy card payment.

Motorhome Parking with Stunning Views and Nature-Close Spots

For those preferring a slightly more secluded location, we offer spots ideally situated at the outskirts of the campsite. Spots 1 to 12 provide a closer connection to nature, approximately 200 meters from the kiosk and snack bar, and about 300 meters from the beach and service house. For an even closer proximity to the heart of camp life, spots 13 to 18 are located near the beach, service house, and our rental cabins. Specifically, spots 13 and 14 offer beautiful views of the water.

Activities and Offerings for a Complete Camping Experience

During your stay at Kilen Camping, you can enjoy more than just the beautiful location. We offer a range of activities to enrich your camping experience, including:

  • Sauna: Perfect for cooler days or as a relaxing end to an active day.
  • Boat Rental: Explore Flåvatn from the water and experience the area from a new perspective. We offer rentals of both boats and kayaks.
  • Oak Tree Safari: A guided safari focusing on exploring and learning about oak trees and local stories from the area.
  • Activities for Children: We have a volleyball court, playground, and water slides, providing plenty of activities for children and young guests.

Excellent Facilities for a Worry-Free Stay

We understand the importance of accessible and clean facilities for an optimal and comfortable camping experience. Therefore, our service house is equipped with excellent amenities, ensuring you have everything you need nearby, no matter where you choose to park your motorhome.

Experience Telemark with Kilen Camping

Kilen Camping takes pride in offering one of the best motorhome parking experiences in Telemark. With our combination of a superb location, nature, and guest satisfaction, we provide the ideal conditions for a comfortable and memorable stay. Whether you seek a quiet and relaxing getaway from daily life or a more active holiday, Kilen Camping is the perfect starting point for your next motorhome adventure.

Are you ready to explore Telemark with your motorhome? Reserve your spot at Kilen Camping today. We look forward to being your host for an unforgettable camping experience in the heart of Telemark!

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